• ignited air fryer IGA45 and air fryer oven IGC63

    Air Magic. Exactly $89.99

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What's behind ignited?

Our vision is to redefine the cooking experience with ultra-modern kitchen appliances.
From air fryers, food thermometers to exclusive knives, we strive to inspire people with user-friendly design and healthy lifestyles that come with our products.
Let’s turn the tide.

"The key to a great meal is the knife, ideal blade, premium honed, aligned edges, and a firm handle. ignited knife set proved to be dependable."


The toaster oven is stylish, blending color that goes with a moderate kitchen, crispy food, less oil, 10 easy-to-use preset functions.


"I got ignited air fryer as a gift and well since then I have tried different recipes that i thought i couldn't . It's so easy to use, I just love it."

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